About Us

Akanksha was born in a small rural town in India and at the age of 22 decided to venture out to explore the world.  She has, to date, lived and worked in Bangalore, Dongguan, Shanghai and has settled in Paris.  During her travels she has met many nationalities and experienced multiple cultures. 

TOLATOLI is an interpretation and a combination of Akanksha’s Indian roots enhanced with a Parisienne touch.  She is excited to bring a whole new perpective towards street fashion - a perspective highlighting her conviction that fashion is not just the clothes you wear: it’s also the people who wear them.  She feels strongly about the compassion that exudes from both the local communities in India as well as those places themselves.  Her passion for helping those communities has motivated her creating TOLATOLI. 

TOLATOLI is not just about products, it’s also about the methodology behind making them. The products are just a visual means of communicating her thoughts and ideas. 

Each item comes with a story and history of its own thanks to the vintage materials sourced and each item brings education as well as a better life to a family in India.

TOLATOLI is a symbol of love, compassion, humanity and community.