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Suzani Collared Jacket

Suzani Collared Jacket

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Material: Cotton with Woolen yarn embroidery
Size: Fits upto size 42-46
Full length: 73 cm
Sleeves length: Full sleeves
Chest width: 108-117 cm
Lining: Woven Cotton Striped Fabric

Crafted with utmost attention to detail.
This unique piece is hand embroidered with woolen thread and hand stitched in small batches .
Base material is strong and sturdy like denim.
Handmade with love and care in India

Suzani is a traditional art of embroidery famous in Central Asia. The word "Suzan" means needlework which is being preserved and passed on artisans to other artisans to keep the art alive.
Our love for Suzani arts and Motifs is reflected through these products.
This can be worn with or without belt
2 pockets on the side.

We also make Vintage Suzani Jackets on request only from the fabrics we have sourced and stocked and use only when making something one of a kind.

Note: The color of the actual product may vary due to digital photography and editing.
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