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Kantha Jacket

Kantha Jacket

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Vintage Reversible Jacket

Material: 2-4 Layers Cotton Saris


Indigo Dyed reversible jacket in Kantha ( Quilted cotton)

Handmade from a vintage Indian blanket and treated with Indigo dye.

This vintage blanket is made of an assembly of old cotton saris, embroidered and held together by the kantha stitch (straight stitch by hand with colored cotton thread) which gives a quilted look.

This cover is also called “Kantha” and can have 2 to 4 layers of sarees.

In these kanthas, there may be very small tears or patches of sometimes different colors which prove that they have been repaired. These are not faults (because with the tight kantha stitch, nothing moves) but the testimony of their history! These cotton kanthas have indeed already had 2 lives before being transformed into a jacket:

  • 1st life: Old cotton saris worn by Indian women.

  • 2nd life: saris recycled into a quilt which was used as a blanket or blanket – these blankets are often part of the dowry for young brides and being softer than new cotton, they are often used to cover babies.

  • Their third life: it's the one you'll live with these jackets! A story of transmission dear to the designer.

  • Each jacket is reversible and we sometimes see through transparency the intermediate layer or layers of saris.

Note: The color of the actual product may vary due to digital photography and editing.
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